The never ending chase..

We run down from the summit of the island and speedily drive down the winding roads of the rural interior of the island, we are supposed to meet Luigi, a member of an environmental anti-poaching group on the island, who the day before offered to set-up a meeting with some of the islands poachers. You might think this sounds funny or even weird but not on an island like Ischia. .

The meeting that evening end up being slightly surreal, we are warmly welcomed by a group of old men who proudly present themselves as hunter-poachers. Behind us Luigi smiles awkwardly and pushes us towards the old men. He wishes to leave as he had told us earlier that the men would be more open speaking just to us as he is considered the enemy on the island, however, as he attempts to leave he, is quickly stopped and invited to drink a coffee with all of us!

The island factor is important in Ischia.. On a Sunday morning these men, who are now fighting as to who will pay the coffee bill, would be usually chasing each other through the green chestnut groves of the island. Luigi makes fun of one of these old men by telling us he is so fast that he has escaped him and the police force several times as they attempted to stop him in the act of poaching. The man replies by showing Luigi all his permits for that year, asking him not to stop him every time they meet so he can hunt in peace.  There is a shade of annoyance in the hunter-poachers speech and gestures but it is all very contained and nearly jovial. Finally Luigi manages to leave, he winks at us and wishes us good luck, he knows he will soon meet the men again, a chase that will probably never see an end very much like the one between Wile the Coyote and the Road Runner..



One response to “The never ending chase..

  1. dear Ben
    I suppose that you know where is our new (and last) residence
    we are in Maremma near grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia!
    Do you think to have a study in this zone? in this case you could find
    a good place for food …..Bye bye and good journey
    Alba and Gilberto

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