Hi!  We are Adrien Lindon and Benjamin Barca, two young Italian conservationists who have recently completed a Masters’ programme in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford. With your support we are hoping to carry out a country-wide overview study of the status and trends in migratory bird-hunting (MBH) in Italy, under the supervision of Dr. Paul Jepson, passionate birdwatcher and conservation scientists.

  • We will generate up-to-date information to raise the MBH policy and public profile internationally and provide a resource for new thinking on solutions.
  • At each site we will meet with Italian experts on the issue, main authorities regulating hunting, local hunter associations, local bird protectionist groups, and migratory bird hunters themselves.
  • The findings of the research will be then written up for publication and used as an important starting point to help paint an overall picture of MBH in the whole Mediterranean

This Blog will keep you up to date on our movements and our stories from the field as we progress on the rural dust roads from the South to the North of the Italian peninsula!

Your contribution to this project will be essential for us to keep working! If you want to see your favorite migratory species return every year please follow us on this blog and donate on http://igg.me/at/MBH-Italy/x/787168


For any questions please contact:


Benjamin Barca benbarca88@gmail.com

Adrien Lindon adrien.lindon@hotmail.it



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